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This last month has been interesting for me I recently have been trying to focus on living without fear and letting it go by taking small steps everyday to face those fears and overcome them.

Recently I have been letting the fear of rejection and failure go. I worry sometimes if I work hard enough at work, or if I am doing things that will help us reach our goals. And then I wonder if I am a good enough friend and I worry about my finances and I worry about what it means to be authentic and how people will respond to me when I am my true self without all the extra walls that i use to protect myself even more than I need to sometimes.

This week has been very crazy for me at work and I have had the opportunity to talk with many people about health and wellness and emotional healing and just life in general. I have met people from all over the world from China, to London, to France, to Germany, to Tennessee, to Texas, to Washington, to Canada, to Michigan, to Washington D.C. People from all over the world that care about health and wellness.

What does it mean to let fear go and live in love and faith?

Originally Written April 2014

Update on March 2016

It has almost been two years since I wrote this post, and I am still searching for ways to face fear and live my life in love. I have been learning a ton about boundaries and what that gives you the ability to do. The relationship between boundaries and trust and empathy and compassion they are all connected.

I have learned that I am enough and I have a lot to offer but sometimes I still doubt, and sometimes I still have fear. I am also learning that fear has role to play in our lives, fear can be good, but living in complete fear is overpowering and debilitating. But balancing fear with our other emotions actually can empower us to have better lives and help us know our feelings, and know ourselves.